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poem 09/01/22

The sun laughs

at our September notions

and turns up the heat.

psychedelic message 8/22/22

Butterflies land on flowers

Toes tickling petals

To gather knowledge nectar.

psychedelic message 6/12/22

The swirling of the mind

Lets the soul unwind.

psychedelic message 06/08/22

Charming clovers charge across the planes of quantum mirth chanting their chances of finding the lost star.

In the hydrogen to helium warmth the clovers convene a circle dance, bursting into impossible green star flares as they reach insight.

From the roaring heart of the found star rises a small bird, chirping notes of creation.

haiku 06/05/22

The cat walks away

into the moon-glinted woods

to bring next day's light.

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