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Nov 19, 2022: updated art page; drank a diet coke with dinner and will be a while before i can sleep 🤪

Nov 3, 2022: updated art page; today feels like the first real day of autumn

Oct 26, 2022: updating gifs page and listening to:

Oct 15, 2022: updating art and gifs pages and listening to:

Oct 13, 2022: making gifs for the gifs page and listening to:

Oct 13, 2022:the weather is finally cooling down! gif page wasn't loading so i created another page for gifs; listening to Monk:

Oct 11, 2022: moved butterfly picture from poetry to art page; it was David Lee Roth's birthday, so rocking out:

Oct 7, 2022: split art page into two sections: page 1 for photos, page 2 for gifs

today's song:

Sept 13, 2022: updated backgrounds & art page

Sept 2, 2022: "i will get my sh*t organized," i whisper to myself as i start yet another project 🤪 🤣

Sept 1, 2022: updated poetry page to list entries in descending order; updated art page

August 22, 2022: updated poetry page; today is author Ray Bradbury's birthday:

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

August 20, 2022: updated art page; a song for summer:

August 9, 2022: updated art page; today's song:

August 7, 2022: another heat wave has arrived but now the air con is fixed! today i'm writing poetry & listening to music:

July 23, 2022: hot as Hades & air con busted 😒; updated art page

July 11, 2022: updated art page

July 10, 2022: took a long walk, hot out there! updated art page & main page; today's song: early 80s synthpop by Elli et Jacno

June 30, 2022: finally a break in the heat but it's July already??? updated art page & today's song, a dance floor classic:

June 26, 2022: it's been a hotttttt solstice week; updated art page

June 19, 2022: great weather, spending time outside; updated art page; it was Sir Paul's birthday...

June 13, 2022: not too hot today, went for a walk, then updated art page; today's song:

June 12, 2022: updated art and poetry pages; today's quote: "I've found that there is always some beauty left -- in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you." -- Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

June 9, 2022: tinkering around; today's song:

June 8, 2022: updated art page 🌞

June 8, 2022: updated art and poetry pages while listening to:

June 7, 2022: uploaded new gif for front page 😁 teaching myself html again 😬

June 5, 2022: i establish a neocities site! w00t!

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